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Fit SpaceWeightCoach has been a tremendous source of information and support
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Are you trying to lose weight? Fed-up with fad diets? Determined to get real results and maintain them?

Reaching your preferred body weight, and more importantly maintaining it, takes both commitment and support.  WeightCoach helps you focus on the commitments you need to make and provides you with the sort of real support that you would expect from an expert weight loss professional.

The benefits of using WeightCoach

It is fully personalised
It gives you the maximum information and guidance in return for just a few minutes of your time each day
It can work in conjunction with your Fit Space Trainer, doctor, dietitian or health professional – you can send them regular reports of your progress
It encourages the long-term changes necessary for real success

How does it work?
WeightCoach takes the same approach as an expert weight-loss counsellor.  The first 3 steps are COMPLETELY FREE.

Fill in the assessment questionnaire.  This looks into your history, present eating & activity habits and your reasons for wanting to lose weight.
You will be asked to make some commitments to lifestyle change.  These are based on your responses to the assessment questionnaire and it is entirely up to you which commitments you are willing to make.
A strategy document is processed for you, this is a great document to print and keep close by.  It will remind you why you have chosen to take part in WeightCoach and what you need to do to make it work.
Choose how long you would like to commit to the WeightCoach program.
Customise the program based on foods you normally eat and activity you normally do.
You will be sent a daily email that links you to your online diary. In just 2 or 3 minutes you can enter details of what you ate and how active you were the previous day.
You get immediate feedback in the form of a detailed report.  You’ll see your energy balance, including a break-down of the good and the bad!  You can also use our ‘what if’ calculator.  For example, add a 30-minute walk to your day and see how much of an impact it would have had.
You can see what you need to do to reach your goals.

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Need more support?
Contact us to ask about weight-loss coaching.

Fit SpaceI have done various personal training programs before but I have never felt as supported before as I do with Fit Space.Fit Space




Does it work?
Absolutely!  Here is what Maxine from Christchurch, NZ, has to say:

“WeightCoach has been a tremendous source of information and support. Having been on the dieting 'yo yo' for years, I enjoy that this is a recording and information mechanism, not 'yet another diet'. It is great also to have real data about energy expended - this is of real benefit. I have lost 10kg in the last 6 months, more to go, and I know that using WeightCoach as a 'keep me honest' tool, I will achieve my goals of health and wellness."


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