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Fit Space Fit Space helped me to enjoy training for the first time, and because of that I learnt to run, lost weight and feel absolutely fantastic!quote

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Outdoor Services

Personal Training
Get the complete focus of a 1:1 session. 

We’ll meet at a time and place that suits you and train to achieve your results.  We discover exactly what you want and provide you with the advice, support and motivation to get there. 

We have trained clients in their 70s aiming to keep up with their grandchildren and others in their 20s aiming to climb Everest.  We know how to make your dreams a reality, you need to take the first step and tell us what those dreams are.

For best results we recommend two 1:1 training sessions a week.

Through training with Fit Space you will:

  • Lose weight, decrease body fat and improve all-over muscle tone
  • Have more energy, more fun and better quality of life
  • Reduce stress levels and the impact this has on your body
  • Increase your fitness
  • Reduce your risk of Coronary Heart Disease and Mature Onset Diabetes

Group training
We offer regular timetabled groups in Centennial Park and the Domain, or we can organise a new group for you and your friends at a park near home or work.  Why would you join our training groups?

  1. You’ll have fun!
  2. You are trained by smart trainers – they have the experience to give you an amazing workout, every time
  3. You’ll get fitter faster than you can on your won
  4. You’ll get the body you want
  5. You’ll feel comfortable and welcome from the very first day, our groups can accommodate all shapes, sizes, ages and fitness levels

Times and locations
Check out our timetable for details.

You can pay for training weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Click here to sign up now.

Call 1300 65 25 66
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