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Fit SpaceI enjoy the variety in the sessions. I also enjoy being able to train with a small group with others within the company -
it’s a form of team building.
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Corporate Services

A healthy workplace is a productive workplace, in fact, look at the annual financial impact on Australian businesses.

  • $7 billion in sick leave
  • $35 million in stress leave
  • $900 million in back injuries alone

Fit Space strives to get the best possible results for you and your team.  See your staff smile, get great exposure for your business and dramatically improve morale and energy levels.  We have a health and fitness solution for each member of your team, so give training with Fit Space a go!

Group training
45 minutes, 1-3 times a week.
We’ll meet at a park convenient to your office and put your team through their paces.  We measure their progress, ensuring your team becomes fitter, stronger, faster and ultimately, more productive. Group size is limited to 16 participants for participant safety.

Stretch and Strengthen
You know sitting at a desk is affecting your posture, so what are you going to do about it? Stretch and strengthen is a 45 minute program designed to take place weekly, either as a 12 week program or ongoing.

Your staff will benefit from reduced back and neck pain, improved posture, greater range of motion and a flatter stomach!


Get out there and show us all what your team is made of.  Everyone wants a little taste of success, whether that is a winning time or simply crossing the finish line. The satisfaction of finishing your first event is hard to beat.  And as a result of your training you will also achieve weight loss, muscle tone and increased energy.

We will train you for the event of your choice…. City2Surf, Half Marathon, BRW Triathlon, even Everest! With our focus on fun, injury prevention and motivation, there is no better time to start.

We have delivered a number of health and wellbeing presentations to large organisations, including ANZ bank, Australian Unity, G U Health and the Sydney Opera House.  Presentations are a time-effective way to deliver the latest information and health tips to your staff. 
Presentation topics can include:

  • Better food and fitness for time-poor people
  • Top tips for a healthy heart
  • Diabetes awareness and avoidance
  • Weight management – What is a healthy weight? How do you get there and how do you stay there?
  • Sit up – a simple approach to better posture at work and home

We focus our presentations on reducing the chance of developing lifestyle-related disease and chronic pain, therefore reducing the amount your staff will cost your organisation long-term.  We often choose to bring in experts, such as nutritionists and ergonomists, whose knowledge and experience can bring a different angle to the presentation. 

To find out more about Fit Space presentations or to receive a quote for your organisation, please call 1300 65 25 66 or e-mail

Call 1300 65 25 66
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